About our program

The Swish Basketball program is a comprehensive development program that focuses on the player and skill development. The program is designed to help players systematically master fundamental skills through an organized and structured training regimen.

The Swish program is based on structured levels that continuously build on your child’s skills, ability and confidence, catering for all players. Whether you are just learning the game or have been playing for your whole life, Swish has a program for you. Classes start from 4 years of age through to 20 year old seasoned basketballers.


  1. Develop fundamentally skilled players 
  2. Increase the football knowledge of players and coaches 
  3. Help teach and develop life skills 
  4. Create pathways for aspiring players and coaches 

Our Progression Chart

The Swish Basketball Program consists of structured levels that build on your child’s skills and ability. Our program caters for absolute beginners to competitive players.